Time To Repair or Replace Your Windshield?

Chips and cracks can be dangerous when they appear in your windshield. Not only can they obstruct your view of the road, but they can become larger without warning which can cause structural weakness. Delta Glass can help to repair most chips and even windshield cracks before they escalate into major problems.

Auto Glass Repair in Jonesboro AR: Time To Repair or Replace?

If you have a chip in your windshield, you can have that chip or multiple chips repaired rather than replace the entire piece of glass. The cost is much less to repair a windshield than it is to replace the windshield in your car. There are a few cases where the windshield or rear windshield cannot be repaired. This means that your car will need windshield replacement. Those situations include:

  • Tempered glass
  • Windshield or rear windshield with embedded antenna that is damaged
  • Defrost strips on rear windshields.

If your car’s windshield needs to be replaced…we can handle that job too.

Why Choose Delta Glass?

Delta Glass LLC is employee owned and operated. We take pride in every job we do because we are the company. We use only the best glass and the finest adhesive products for windshield repair and replacement services. We bring an enormous amount of auto glass experience to every job we accept. That means every piece of glass we repair or replace comes with a ton of experience. Our goal is always high customer satisfaction. We are an approved auto glass repair business by all insurance companies. This means that we can work with your insurance company to replace or repair the glass on your car, truck or sports utility vehicle.

If you would like a free quote on windshield repair or windshield replacement just call us at (870) 520-6290. We are always happy to provide you with a free quote that details costs, time, our guarantee and warranty.

Contact us today for all of your auto and home glass needs.