Three Most Common Causes of Broken Windshields

The windshield – one of the most practical and necessary features of your vehicle. It  is important to protect your windshield from rocks chips and cracking whenever possible. Fortunately, knowing the most common causes of broken windshields will help you mitigate the risk of damage. Temperature changes, extreme weather conditions and road hazards are among the causes to look out for.

Extreme Temperature Change

If you have thick frost on your windshield and you want to use hot water to enhance your visibility, you might want to think again. The extreme differences in temperature can cause your windshield to crack, leaving you with expensive damage and an inconvenient trip to the auto glass repair shop. Similar situations that cause your windshield to experience sudden, drastic temperature changes should be avoided whenever possible.

Extreme Weather Conditions

It’s no secret that extreme weather conditions can be hazardous, but there are certain conditions that present more risk for your windshield. In the case of hail, for instance, your windshield can become damaged. Similarly, the high, gusty winds associated with tornados and hurricanes can stir-up debris that can damage your auto glass. You also run the risk of trees toppling and crashing into your windshield, during storm conditions. If the weather has turned sour in your area, it’s best to keep your vehicle in a safe place.

Road Hazards & Accidents

Rocks and gravel can fly-up and crack your windshield, if they hit with enough force. This is true of other debris that can find its way onto the road. In addition to road hazards, accidents are among the most obvious sources of windshield damage and destruction. It’s important to fix cracked or slightly damaged windshields before the damage becomes more severe, though. The elements and structural stresses can cause small cracks to become larger problems.

Even though there are a number of causes associated with broken windshields, you can still take precautions that will help you avoid damage. If you do have a broken or chipped windshield, then it’s time to visit Delta Glass. There is no reason to drive around with a broken windshield and put you and your passengers at risk. Contact us today for a free quote.