The Importance of Window Maintenance

If you just had a glass or a window replacement in your home, the following message is particularly important for you. Did you know that your windows can have a much longer life if you take good care of them? Performing regular maintenance also keeps your home at the ideal temperature and saves money on your gas and electric bills. Here are some industry tips on how to keep your windows in great shape.

Clean your windows at least twice a year – more if you live near an ocean, in a sandy or dusty area or near an industrial factory. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule will allow your windows to conduct heat in the way they are meant to. Furthermore, you will prevent corrosive substances from damaging the glass and the frame.

Perform weatherproofing. When winter arrives, you can plug those nooks and crannies to make sure that the heat stays inside where it belongs. This could mean you have to reinforce the seals on your windows, insulate with clear plastic covers, or filling in gaps between your window frame and trim boards. If you are not sure how heat is escaping, you can contact the professionals at Delta Glass to solve and repair the problem. Keep in mind that your frames could be improperly installed. In hot weather, you can utilize shades, shutters and awnings to shield your window frames from warping and keep the rays of the sun from baking your house.

Check spring balances. When you are having trouble with the typical operations of your window, you most likely have an issue with the windows balance rod. You should never have to force a window closed or prop it up to keep it open. Tinkering with the window could make the problem worse or lead to broken glass, so you should call Delta Glass the moment you notice difficulties in this area.

If you need help with your windows or any type of glass in your home, please call the professionals at Delta Glass (870) 520-6290 or fill out an online request form – CLICK HERE.