Glass Clean Up Made Easy

We have all been there before. Whether it’s a fumbled cup while loading the dishwasher or a baseball through the kitchen window…we all have had to deal with broken glass at some point in our lives.

Cleaning up broken glass is a pain but, if you follow these five steps, cleanup will at least be easy and painless.

  • Put on shoes – Very Important
  • Turn on all the lights where there is broken glass
  • Use rubber gloves (if you have them)
  • Very carefully, pick up the largest pieces of glass
  • Sweep the area with very short and slow movements

But what about the very fine slivers that are so hard to see but so easily end up in your foot? Here’s your list of lifehacks that will help you with glass cleanup in a shattered-glass emergency.

  • Use a wet paper towel to wipe the area where the glass item broke.
  • Gently press down a slice of sandwich bread on the area.
  • Cut a raw potato in half and press the halves onto the glass shards.

And don’t forget that Delta Glass is available for after-hours emergency services for broken glass that provides a safety or security risk.

Call Delta Glass…we can fix your panes – (870) 520-6290